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Christchurch Women Losing Their Hair Over Quake Worries August 26, 2011
Quake aftermath
Many residents of quake-weary Christchurch report being under stress due to the shaking of the past year.
Residents around Christchurch, New Zealand, appear to be losing their hair due to stress over the city’s multiple earthquake disasters, which began nearly a year ago.

A wig maker says she did not have any customers in that city until after the first devastating quake struck on Sept. 4.

Janine Antram told New Zealand’s Stuff website that Christchurch now brings in 50 percent of her business.

City residents who contact her say they are suffering from alopecia, or hair loss. The condition can be brought on by stress.

“There is huge hair loss going on in Christchurch,” said Antram, who told Stuff that her youngest client is 8, but most are between the ages of 10 and 30.

Photo: Not Alone - Flickr