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Hurricane Irene Rakes U.S. Eastern Seaboard September 2, 2011
CIMSS Satellite Loop
Hurricane Irene striking the New York City metropolitan area on Sunday morning.
At least 27 people across eight states died as a result of Hurricane Irene’s rampage across the eastern U.S. and neighboring parts of Canada.

The storm left millions without power across the eastern seaboard, but its damage and impact were less than earlier feared.

Officials said the “better safe than sorry” evacuations and precautions probably prevented countless injuries.

But torrential rains from remnants of Irene did cause Vermont’s worst flooding in a century, according to Gov. Peter Schumlin. Parts of Patterson, New Jersey, remained under water days following Irene's passage.

“Whether we dodged a bullet or you look at it and said, ‘God smiled on us,’ the bottom line is, I'm happy to report there do not appear to be any deaths (in New York City) attributable to the storm," Mayor Bloomberg told reporters.

Early estimates point to storm damage ranging from $5 billion to $10 billion across the affected region.

Those amounts include the loss of tourist income during the next-to-last weekend of the summer season in coastal resorts.

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