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How Safe Is Eating Bugs and Worms? September 2, 2011
Bug eating
Exotic bug delicacies are becoming more popular, especially among the young.
Food safety officials across Europe are trying to establish guidelines and standards for new exotic insect snacks that are becoming increasingly popular, such as crickets and worm chips.

The European Commission and health experts in various individual countries admit that they have no idea how safe eating such creepy crawlies actually is.

So they are enlisting suppliers, retailers and natural history experts to help set up standards for the entomological delicacies.

Existing European Union guidelines say that any food not consumed “to a significant degree” in Europe before May 1997 must undergo safety tests.

Formerly unknown snacks, such as cockroaches, witchetty grubs and locusts, are gaining popularity and being touted as the “food of the future” because of their low carbon footprint and high protein content.

Photo: Mauricedale Game Ranch (S. Africa)