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Weak La Niña Return Could Create More Weather Woes September 9, 2011
La Nina graphic
A minimal La Niña has re-emerged in the tropical Paific after a year that saw a stronger one create meteorological havoc in many areas of the world.
The La Niña ocean-cooling in the tropical Pacific could return in a weak form later this year, according to the U.N. weather agency.

Severe droughts in East Africa and the southern United States accompanied the last La Niña earlier this year, as did devastating floods in Australia, Indonesia and parts of South America.

Disaster and humanitarian officials are expressing concern over the World Meteorological Organization’s latest prediction of a 50 percent chance La Niña will return, even in a milder form.

Water temperatures had returned to near normal over the tropical Pacific by early August. But they have since cooled back to what is considered a marginal La Niña.

Several computer models project that the resurgent cooling will peak at the end of this year, then gradually disappear over the following few months.

Sea-Surface Temperature Data: NOAA