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Blowing Ash Disrupts South American Air Travel Again October 21, 2011
Buenos Aires ash haze
Ash dimming the Buenos Aires skyline on Sunday.
High winds of up to 75 mph over Argentina’s Patagonia region whipped up massive clouds of volcanic ash, previously spewed by neighboring Chile’s Puyehue volcano.

Several airports in Argentina and Uruguay were forced to shut down out of fear the gritty gray dust could damage jet engines.

Since June, most airports in the region have been forced to shut down at times due to the volcano’s airborne debris.

Plumes of ash even traveled halfway around the world, disrupting air travel in parts of Australia and New Zealand.

Authorities warned that aviation could continue to be affected at times for months to come, due to the volcano’s ongoing eruption and airborne dust kicked up by subsequent windstorms.

Photo: Carlos A. Redondo - Flickr