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Two-Headed Snake Rescued October 21, 2011
Two-headed snake
Dale Grandstaff holds the tiny two-headed snake.
An infant two-headed king snake discovered by a north-central Tennessee man has been sent to a local university to save its life.

Clarksville resident Paul Carver found the natural mutation as he was spraying weedkiller around his house.

He told The Leaf Chronicle that at first he thought about killing it, but instead called a friend who is an officer for the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

Officer Dale Grandstaff later told reporters that for a snake at least, having two heads is not better than one since it makes moving around and feeding the shared body almost impossible to coordinate.

That means that such mutations seldom survive long after being hatched.

So he donated it to Tennessee Tech University, where each head will be fed separately and the reptile will have the best chance for long-term survival.

Photo: WSMV