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New Human Calls of the Wild Being Taught by Parrots October 28, 2011
Wild parrots in Australia are being taught how to speak by escaped pets. "Who's a pretty bird?"
Escaped parrots who were taught to vocalize human phrases while in captivity are passing on those locutions to their counterparts in the wild.

Residents around Sydney are hearing native cockatoos, galahs and corellas parroting the “Who’s a pretty boy then” and "Hello, Polly” that they apparently learned from the former pets.

Martyn Robinson, of the Australian Museum, says that as the gabby escaped birds move up the pecking order in the wild, other birds begin to imitate them because of their higher status.

He told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. that lower-ranking birds who can speak are not passing on their talents.

As for those who are bothered by the strong language some of the escaped birds were taught, Robinson says, “It would be pretty hard to censor them.”

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