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Three-Eyed Mutation Worries Fishermen November 4, 2011
three-eyed fish
The mutated wolf fish was caught by fishermen in central Argentina's Cordoba province.
The capture of a three-eyed fish in an Argentine reservoir that contains water that once cooled a nuclear power plant has fishermen wondering about the cause of the mutation.

The catch was made in a reservoir named Chorro de Agua Caliente, or “hot water jet,” located in the central province of Córdoba.

There was no immediate explanation of the abnormality from officials, and the fishermen say they plan to submit the fish for testing.

The discovery is reminiscent of an episode of the TV cartoon series “The Simpsons,” in which Bart catches a three-eyed fish in a pond fed by Springfield’s nuclear power plant.

The episode was named “Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish.”

Photo: Cadena 3 (Argentina)