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Another Chile Volcano Causes Concerns November 4, 2011
Hudson Volcano
Plumes of steam and ash piping from Chile's Hudson volcano. Melting snow threatens flash flooding nearby.
Two Chilean volcanoes were under alert status as Hudson volcano’s rumblings combined with those of Cordón Caulle, which has coated a large swath of neighboring Argentina in ash and disrupted air travel for months.

Hudson spewed a column of steam and ash that soared more than 3 miles into the sky about 1,000 miles south of Chile’s capital, Santiago.

Officials evacuated 119 people from the immediate area around Hudson as snow melted by the volcano’s fresh internal warmth caused the Aysen River to overflow its banks.

Hudson has erupted twice in the last 60 years. Its explosions in August 1991 dumped ash 18 inches deep downwind, killing an estimated 1.5 million sheep in adjacent areas of Argentina.

Photo: El Mercurio