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Hose Down Radiation Yourself: Japan Experts November 11, 2011
Japan radiation map
Initial radiation estimates showed the greatest contamination spread to the northwest of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, located on the tsunami-hit coast. High levels are now believed to have spread farther than this graphic indicates.
Experts say that people living in areas contaminated last March by Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster should cleanse their property themselves rather than waiting for the government to do it.

The Japanese Society of Radiation Safety Management advises people to first clean off surface areas where radioactive cesium may have landed.

Large amounts of the isotope can attach to soil, roofs, walls, leaves and other plant surfaces.

Areas beneath gutters are especially prone to accumulated contamination.

Power washing these surfaces and areas is recommended, but that water should be collected and removed to keep the radioactivity from merely being moved around.

Denuding trees and other vegetation is also advised since they are likely to contain high levels of cesium.

Removing the top 2 inches of contaminated soil should also significantly reduce radioactive exposure, experts advise.

Graphic: Japan / U.S. Government Study Results