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New Volcanic Canary Island May Be Emerging November 18, 2011
Satellite Image
Bubbling seawater above the volcanic vent has been surging yards into the air. Gas can also be seen rising from the roiling water.
An undersea volcano continued to roil the waters near the westernmost of the Canary Islands, expelling material that appears to be creating a new island.

Vulcanologists said the mouth of the volcano off El Hierro had risen to just 230 feet below the ocean’s surface, and the force of the eruption was tossing debris as high as 65 feet above the surface of the Atlantic.

Toxic gas from the rising seabed vent has killed fish and other wildlife in the area, prompting officials to restrict access to the surrounding areas.

About 600 residents of the nearby fishing village of La Restinga, who were told to evacuate when the volcano began to rumble on Oct. 12, were allowed to return home on Nov. 14 after scientists observed that the volcanic activity was subsiding.

Photo: National Geographic Institute (Spain)