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Autumal Spring Blooms Across Britain November 18, 2011
Satellite Image
A nasturtium blooming along England’s northern Norfolk coast on November 9, 2011.
Balmy weather across Britain this autumn has caused various aspects of nature to go topsy-turvy.

Temperatures well above normal through October and early November have prompted poppies to bloom, frogs to croak for mates, tomatoes to ripen in garden pots and crickets to chirp at dusk, according to The Guardian.

While most British residents can attest to the earlier and earlier arrival of spring as the climate has warmed over the past decades, this autumn has seen prolonged signs of summer wildlife, such as dragonflies, grass snakes and flowers more typical in spring.

“Our countryside is much more flowery than it should be,” National Trust ecologist Matthew Oates told the paper.

Professional nature watcher Richard Bullock says that the late autumnal warmth has “fooled a few things into thinking spring’s turned up early again – forgetting the fact they haven't had a winter.”

Photo: David-M Flickr