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Monkeys to Measure Japan Radiation Zone December 16, 2011
Japan monkey in forest
“We would like to know how much impact (the radiation has) on the natural world, such as forest, river, underground water and ocean.” — Takayuki Takahashi told CNN.
Japan is enlisting an army of collared wild monkeys to carry radiation sensors across the forests of the Fukushima nuclear disaster zone.

Meltdowns and explosions at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in March irradiated a broad swath of the prefecture.

Radiation levels in forest areas have been monitored mainly from the air until now.

Collars that are to be placed on monkeys before they’re released will house radiation monitors, elevation sensors, GPS tracking and a remote control lock so the collars can be triggered to drop off the primates for collection once the study period is over.

Fukushima University professor Takayuki Takahashi, who is leading the study, says the experiment will help reveal how radiation in the forest can affect human beings, as well as wild animals.

Photo: Masashi Mochida