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Tropical Storm Washi Takes Aim on Southern Philippines December 16, 2011
CIMSS satellite loop
Washi can be seen strengthening from a depression into a tropical storm early Thursday.
The southern Philippines was on alert late in the week for the arrival of Tropical Storm Washi.

The storm formed from an area of disturbed weather in western Micronesia, then underwent erratic development as it approached the Philippine island of Mindanao.

Maximum sustained winds were expected to be near 55 mph when the center of Washi made landfall near the port of Barobo.

Forecasters at the U.S. military’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center predicted that the storm would be weakened by its passage over Mindanao, then regain tropical storm force over the South China Sea.

Washi’s remnants could affect far southern Vietnam or even the Malay Peninsula during the following week, according to forecasters.

Tropical Storm Washi Track

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS