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Yemen Volcano Erupts in Red Sea December 23, 2011
Yemen volcano image
A small plume of steam and vapor can be seen above a volcanic island in this December 20 image from NASA's Aqua satellite.
A fresh eruption at one of the volcanic islands off Yemen’s Red Sea coast began on Dec. 19.

Fishermen report the eruption occurred near Saba, one of the Al-Zubair archipelago’s small islands, located about 35 miles west of Yemen’s port of As-Salif.

Lava was said to be spewing 65 to 100 feet into the air. The fishermen said they had never seen an eruption in that area before.

Lava from a fiery eruption of a volcano on nearby Jabal al-Tair (Bird Mountain) island killed nine people in September 2007.

Satellite Image: NASA - MODIS Rapid Response System