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Low Flying Fruit Falls From English Sky December 23, 2011
Apples that fell from sky in England.
Top: Coventry resident displaying one of the late-season apples that fell from the sky on Dec. 13. Bottom: Fruit debris scattered on neighborhood street.
A whirlwind spinning across the English Midlands is believed to have sucked up about 100 apples that later rained from the sky in parts of the city of Coventry.

The fruit smashed into cars, sidewalks and people’s backyards for a few minutes, leaving some residents initially believing it was someone playing a practical joke.

“At first I thought it was kids, but there were too many apples, and they were crushed as if they’d fallen from a great height,” said 63-year-old Dave Meakins.

Frogs, fish, maggots and other objects have fallen from the sky in various locations around the world.

But the mini tornado theory is about the only plausible explanation for any object as heavy as an apple being lifted into the air by natural forces.

Photo: Coventry Telegraph