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Cyclone Thane Kills 47 in South India January 6, 2012
CIMSS Satellite Loop
Cyclone Thane nearing southern India on Dec. 29.
At least 47 storm-related fatalities were reported in southern India following Cyclone Thane’s passage across the region on Dec. 30.

Most of the storm’s damage and deaths occurred along the Bay of Bengal coast between Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu state and the former French enclave of Pondicherry.

Officials said that Thane’s maximum sustained winds of 85 mph heavily damaged about 50,000 thatched huts.

The deaths were mainly due to electrocution and from walls collapsing during the storm.

Thane quickly lost force after making landfall, eventually dissipating before its remnants reached India’s Arabian sea coast.

Cyclone Thane Track

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS