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Climate Change Plan B Proposed to Reduce Warming January 20, 2012
Moscow smog
Moscow resident wears a mask to protect herself from smoke and smog during August 2010.
A team of researchers from around the world says it has found a way to slow climate change while at the same time preventing millions of deaths from air pollution.

While the chief focus on combating global warming has been on reducing carbon dioxide emissions, the scientists say it would be easier, cheaper and more immediately effective to keep methane and soot from spewing into the atmosphere.

To do that, the group recommends 14 practical techniques, ranging from capturing methane from landfills and coal mines along with cleaning up cooking stoves and diesel engines around the world.

They said that such methods could cut the amount of average global temperature rise by 0.9 degrees Fahrenheit by the year 2050.

Scientists say that while the recommendations are not the best way to combat climate change, they could provide some breathing room until more comprehensive emission controls can be instituted.

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