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Two Alaskan Volcanoes Threaten to Erupt February 24, 2012
Kanaga Volcano
Kanaga Volcano, viewed from the west with Mount Moffet, Adak and Great Sitkin in the background.
Alaska’s Cleveland Volcano continues to show signs of unrest, with its expanding lava dome threatening to lead to an explosive eruption.

The Alaska Volcano Observatory says pressure is building up once again after a blast last December cleared most of a lava dome that had been growing since October.

Cleveland lies beneath several major international air routes, and its ash plumes can force airlines to reroute flights to steer clear of potential danger to jet engines.

A second Aleutian volcano, Kanaga, has also started showing signs of increased activity, with tremors and small ash clouds being reported by observers. Kanaga lies just 16 miles west of the remote community of Adak.

Photo: Cyrus Read - Alaska Volcano Observatory