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High Tech Bovines Can Now Text with Smart Collars March 2, 2012
Smart collar on UK cow
A dairy cow equipped with a smart collar and wireless sensor that can detect head position and notify its owner via text message.
A new smart collar for cows has been developed that allows farmers to receive text messages via SMS technology or WiFi that can say when the animals are in distress, in heat or about to give birth.

Researchers from Scotland’s University of Strathclyde literally harnessed the power of the same 3-D motion sensors used in video game controllers to detect the animals’ head movements and positions.

When a cow lowers its head, it could mean it’s sick. The sensor can also determine when a cow is ready to breed, allowing farmers to optimize insemination.

Without the new smart collars, monitoring each cow is a daunting task that can take hours to complete each day.

“This technology can help secure (the future of farming) by allowing farmers to monitor the health conditions of individual cows far more easily and accurately,” said David Evans, head of agricultural affairs at the British food retailer Morrisons.

Photo: University of Strathclyde