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Spiders Overrun Flooded Australian City March 9, 2012
Satellite Image
Dew-covered spider webs draped across the landscape around Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.
Southeast Australia’s latest flood disaster has triggered a massive invasion of spiders, which have cast an eerie landscape of webs around one New South Wales community.

Just as residents of Wagga Wagga were forced from their homes by surging floodwaters, spiders set up huge homes of their own around the city.

In a phenomenon known as “ballooning,” the arachnids were attempting to escape rising waters by spinning webs on an unimaginable scale across fields and around trees.

Taronga Zoo’s spider keeper Brett Finlayson told The Age that the invasion of wolf spiders really isn’t a threat to humans.

“They are doing us a favor. They are actually helping us out,” Finlayson said in reference to the spider’s ability to trap and eat the massive number of mosquitoes being spawned in the floodwaters.

Photo: Lukas Coch