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Ontario Squirrels Gorge on Winter Tulip Feast March 23, 2012
Windsor, Ontario in full bloom with famed tulips.
Windsor's Jackson Park during a spring peak of its renowned tulips.
An unusually mild winter in southern Ontario led to squirrels eating nearly 10,000 tulip bulbs at a Windsor park where brides and other visitors often have their photos taken in front of its elaborate tulip displays.

“Squirrels love tulip bulbs,” the park’s supervisor of horticulture, Dave Tootill, told the CBC. “There's been a feeding frenzy.”

He says the city typically uses blood meal to prevent the rodents from digging up the flower beds until Arctic chills freeze the ground.

But with no freeze this year, the ground remained soft enough for the squirrels to burrow through and eat about half of the 20,000 bulbs planted by the city.

Photo: Jackson Park