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Arrests Made in Cameroon Elephant Slaughter March 30, 2012
Slaughtered elephant in Cameroon
One of the hundreds of elephants alaughtered by poachers earlier this year in northern Cameroon.
A dozen alleged poachers accused of killing at least some of the 300 elephants slaughtered for their tusks in Cameroon so far this year have been arrested.

The apprehensions resulted from leads received from villagers through a monitoring program set up by the World Wildlife Fund.

The conservation group has spent the past two years urging the Cameroon government to stop the poaching by bolstering enforcement efforts and ensuring that suspects are tried and punished.

The head of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species warned in early March that this year’s poaching of elephants is occurring on a massive scale.

John Scanlon says there has been an increase in “well-armed poachers with sophisticated weapons (decimating) elephant populations, often with impunity.”

Photo: WWF / Bouba N’Djida Safari Lodge