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Near-Record Drought Prompts Fish Rescue in England April 6, 2012
England fish rescue
Fish rescue team scooping up fish trapped in one of the pools created when England's Rye River stopped flowing due to drought.
Rescue teams are scouring one of England’s dwindling rivers to save fish threatened by a six-month drought made worse by the driest spring for more than a century.

The Guardian reports fish and crayfish are being scooped up for safekeeping in the pools and narrow stretches of Yorkshire’s Rye River to keep them from being picked off by predators or dying in stagnant waters.

“The dilemma is, do we rescue them or do we let nature take its course,” Environment Agency fisheries specialist Pat O’Brien asked a reporter for the UK daily.

“But because they are wild fish, they are completely different to farm fish. They are very important.”

The fish are being kept in large tanks, but their future is far from certain since the past two winters were also the driest on record, a possible indication of long-term change in climate.

Photos: UK Environment Agency