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'Strange' Snakes Invade Namibian Village Homes April 6, 2012
Namibia invading snakes
Mobile phone images of invading snakes killed by villagers in Namibia's Erongo region.
Residents of a small village in northwestern Namibia say their homes are being invaded by hundreds of “large, strange snakes.”

The Namibian reports the reptiles are said not to be the pythons, puffadders, whip snakes and mambas that are typically found in the Erongo region.

“Instead of staying in the bush, these snakes are coming into the homes as if the houses belong to them,” David Nuseb told the daily.

One of the serpents is reported to have entered a living room where a child was watching television, then began “fighting” with images on the screen.

While residents say the snakes arrived earlier this year, not long after a helicopter flew low over the community, one snake expert said the reason for the invasion is probably far less sinister in nature than villagers fear.

Stuart Hebbert told the paper than the snakes most likely were washed downstream from the interior when the Swakop River flooded.

Photos: via The Namibian