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Cane Toads Culled by the Thousands in Australia April 13, 2012
Cane Toad
Volunteers must capture the toads alive and deliver them unharmed to officials, who later kill them with poison gas.
Thousands of residents, students and even tourists joined in a massive hunt of cane toads across Australia in an effort to rid neighborhoods of the invasive pests.

The amphibians, native to Latin America, were introduced to the country in the 1930s to kill beetles.

But with no natural predators, they reproduced rapidly and spread across a wide area, causing considerable ecological damage.

“They're one of the most destructive creatures and the most disgusting creatures and one thing they're doing is they're killing our native wildlife and they're taking over our habitat,” Queensland politician Shane Knuth told BBC News.

The toads were collected in buckets during the cull campaign, then later “humanely” gassed by officials.

Experts say that the campaign is not likely to make a dent in the toad’s relentless takeover of the Australian countryside.

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