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Slimy Creatures Clog California Nuclear Power Plant May 4, 2012
Salp on seaweed near Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant.
Salps collected by divers at central California's Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant.
A massive invasion of jellyfish-like creatures forced operators of California’s Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant to shut down one of its reactors for six days after the salps clogged the intake screens of the facilities cooling system.

Salps are small barrel-shaped gelatinous creatures that often link together and float in the water in long rope-like formations.

A powerful Pacific storm blew the salps into the intakes on April 26, causing water pressure in the cooling system to drop.

While salps are rarely observed near shore, a similar episode occurred at Diablo Canyon in 2008.

The creatures have also clogged nuclear plants in Japan, Israel and Scotland.

Photo: PG&E