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Human Air Pollution Blamed For Ocean Warming June 15, 2012
Ocean sensor buoy near research ship
Satellite observations and floating sensors such as this are helping scientists closely monitor the warming of the world's oceans.
A team of international researchers has determined that human activity is the main cause of worldwide ocean warming over the past 50 years.

Their report, published in the journal Nature Climate Change, says ocean warming over that time is consistent with climate models only if the models include the increases in greenhouse gases during the 20th century.

Lead author Peter Gleckler at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California said the scientists tried to determine if the warmer waters could be explained by natural variability alone.

But their extensive research concludes that the average warming from the surface down to 2,300 feet of about 0.025 degrees Celsius per decade was primarily due to the effects of greenhouse gas emissions.

“Humans have played a dominant role,” Gleckler writes.

Photo: Argo Project