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Scores Buried Alive by Afghan Temblor June 15, 2012
Quake Map of Afghanistan
As many as 71 people are feared to have been entombed in rubble and dirt in the wake of a sharp earthquake that struck northeast Afghanistan’s Baghlan province on Monday morning.

Bulldozers and men with shovels dug through tons of rock and dirt days after the temblor in hopes of recovering the bodies.

The 5.7 magnitude temblor struck at 9:32 a.m. local time about 100 miles north of the Afghan capital, Kabul.

It was preceded by a 5.4 magnitude foreshock less than an hour earlier.

Damage from the combined shaking was reported in five areas of the province, but the worst was in the village of Sayi Hazara.

That community was buried beneath about 30 yards of rock and dirt, according to the provincial Governor Abdul Majid.

Officials suggest declaring the site a mass grave and leaving the victims’ bodies to rest in peace.