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Lions Killed After Attacks on Livestock near Nairobi June 22, 2012
Nairobi National Park skyline
Rhino roams free in the shadow of downtown Nairobi.
Two adult lions and four cubs have been killed by angry residents in suburban Nairobi after the big cats invaded their property and killed dozens of livestock.

The wild animals had escaped from a national park located just four miles from the Kenyan capital’s bustling city center.

“I urge Kenyans to desist from killing straying wild animals and instead report the matter to us as these animals are part of our national heritage,” said Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) spokesman Paul Udoto.

While a tall fence lines the city side of the Nairobi National Park, animals are free to roam outside the boundaries elsewhere.

Incidents of animal incursions have increased in recent weeks, but there have never been any reports of attacks on humans.

KWS rangers were forced to shoot a lioness and adopt its cubs after the mother charged before it could be sedated with darts.

The government says it is attempting to preserve the urban national park landscape while protecting property rights of humans who are now living in formerly undeveloped areas.

Photo: Nairobi National Park