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Melbourne's Biggest Quake Since 1903 Rocks SE Australia June 22, 2012
Quake Map of Australia
Southeast Australia’s most powerful quake in more than a century knocked items off shelves around Melbourne on Tuesday evening

While the 5.2 magnitude temblor startled residents across southern Victoria state, there were no reports of significant damage or any injuries due to the shaking.

The quake struck at 9:53 p.m. local time about 75 miles east-southeast of Melborne in the Latrobe Valley and Grippsland region of Victoria, near the city of Moe.

“I thought the roof was going to fall down,” said Anthony Atkin, the duty manager of the Criterion Hotel at Trafalgar, just west of Moe.

He told the Herald Sun, “Everyone in the hotel ran outside, it was like a train was coming through the hotel.”

Residents said the shaking lasted approximately 30 to 40 seconds, rattling buildings across the region.

Geoscience Australia seismologist David Jepsen told reporters that aftershocks could continue for weeks.

‘‘Some people have seen cracks in their houses and things like that, and some of the supermarkets in the local region (surrounding Moe) had products obviously knocked off their shelves,’’ Jepsen said.

Watch this home video of a cat named Steven in greater Melbourne allegedly reacting to Tuesday evening's quake.