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England's Year Without Summer: Earth Image of the Week July 6, 2012
Britain's last sunny day.
Britain's last sunny day. May 26, 2012, was the last day all of the United Kingom enjoyed entirely sunny and dry weather.
England, Scotland and Wales are in the midst of the wettest summer on record, with only one other June since 1910 that saw more clouds.

The image to the right was captured by NASA's Terra satellite on May 26, which was the last day the entire length of the United Kingdom experienced clear skies.

The following week, which led up to the Diamond Jubilee celebration for Queen Elizabeth II, produced an abrupt end to a brief spell of fair and warm weather.

It also ushered in a period of wet and dull conditions with more than twice as much rainfall as would normally be expected. And only June 1987 saw less sunshine for the month.

The dull summer comes after a spring that was the rainiest April on record, while the period from April to June was also the wettest recorded in the kingdom.

And all that rain has obliterated one of the worst droughts on record that had emptied rivers and prompted fish to be rescued from dwindling ponds as recently as early April.

The rainy spring and early summer have left the British landscape a distinctive emerald hue, as is clearly visible in the Terra satellite image.

Plenty of brown silt from river runoff can also be seen along the southern coasts of England and Wales.

Image: NASA MODIS Rapid Response System