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Korean Peninsula Drenched by Tropical Storm Khanun July 20, 2012
CIMSS Satellite Loop
Tropical Storm Khanun can be seen losing force ast it passed over the Korean Peninsula on Thursday morning local time.
An elderly woman was killed and hundreds of flights were grounded as the center of Tropical Storm Khanun passed directly through the heart of South Korea's capital city of Seoul on Thursday.

Khanun, meaning "jack fruit" in Thai, later triggered heavy downpours over neighboring parts of North Korea before the storm dissipated over the Sea of Japan.

The Korea Times reports that North Korea, to control water levels, discharged water from its Hwangang Dam, located near the border with the South, for several hours.

This prompted some South Korean campers to evacuate, but no damages from the water release were reported.

Residents of flood-ravaged southern Japan were spared further inundations when Khanun veered eastward, skirting Okinawa and remaining well to the south of Kyushu Island.

Tropical Storm Khanun Track

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS