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Typhoon Vicente Lashes China Coast Near Hong Kong July 27, 2012
Hong Kong Radar Loop
The wide eye of Category 4 Typhoon Vicente can be seen spinning to the south of Hong Kong and Macau on Tuesday.
The most severe typhoon to hit Hong Kong since Typhoon York hit the Chinese port in 1991 left more than 110 people injured on Tuesday as it drenched a wide swath of coastal Guangdong province.

Typhoon Vicente had strengthened to Category 4 force over the South China Sea just before reaching China’s coastal waters.

Winds were clocked at 87 mph in Hong Kong, prompting officials to shut down the main international airport.

The openings of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and many other businesses and schools were delayed until the storm had safely passed to the southwest on Tuesday afternoon.

Storm surge tides sent huge waves pounding into the shores of Hong Kong Harbor as high winds uprooted trees and sent debris flying across the densely populated city.

Similar damage and disruptions were reported in the nearby city of Macau, which had a much closer brush with Vicente’s outer eye wall.

The typhoon eventually made landfall about 60 miles to the southwest of Macau, then gradually lost intensity as it passed over western Guangdong province, according to China’s National Meteorological Center.

Remnants of the storm later brought heavy rainfall to parts of far northern Vietnam.

Typhoon Vicente Track

Radar Loop Data: Hong Kong Observatory