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Argentine Monkeys Treated for 'Depression' August 3, 2012
Satellite Image
One of the black howler monkeys treated for depression in Argentina's Rio Cuarto Urban Ecology Park.
Howler monkeys living at a central Argentina park have been treated with antidepressants after members of the group became so “depressed” that they wouldn’t eat.

Rio Cuarto’s Urban Ecological Park director Miriam Rodriguez told the Clarin daily that the medication was used on the surviving male primates after four other males “let themselves die of sadness” following the death of two females from old age.

Psychiatrist Sergio Castillo confirmed the diagnosis of acute depression and prescribed a medication to help with the condition.

Besides being treated with a small dose of a drug used for compulsive disorders and depression in humans, the rare monkeys were also provided with a more stimulating environment.

“Today we can say that the monkeys have regained their smile,” said Rodriguez.

Photo: Cordoba Agency