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Typhoon Bolaven Kills 18 in South Korea August 31, 2012
CIMSS Satellite Loop
Typhoon Bolaven can be seen striking the Japanese island of Okinawa as a Category 4 storm on Monday.
At least 18 people were left dead in the wake of Typhoon Bolaven's rampage across the Korean Peninsula.

The storm first lashed the Japanese island of Okinawa with winds of 90 mph.

But Bolaven had weakened to tropical storm force before shirting the Yellow Sea coasts of North and South Korea.

Most of the fatallities there were reportedly caused by wind gusts that toppled walls or roofs, or blew victims off their feet.

Thousands of trees were uprooted by the storm, which also wrecked numerous buildings.

Typhoon Bolaven Track

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS