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Number of Erupting Indonesian Volcanoes Rises to Five September 28, 2012
Satellite Image
Mount Gamalama’s eruption near Ternate, seen here on Sept. 16, came from one of five active volcanoes in eruption across Indonesia during the past few days.
Five active volcanoes in Indonesia are rumbling due to what the country’s volcano and disaster agency says is increased geophysical activity linked to recent earthquakes in the nearby Philippines.

Mounts Soputan, Lokon and Karangetang are active in North Sulawesi province, while Mount Gamalama is showing signs of unrest on Ternate Island and Mount Marapi rumbles on Sumatra.

All five volcanoes produced explosions within a week’s time that sent ash plumes soaring above the summits.

The overnight blast from Mount Soputan was heard by residents nearly 30 miles away.

So far, no nearby residents have been threatened by the blasts, and no evacuation orders have been issued.

Photo: Virna Setyorini - Flickr