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Typhoon Jelawat Leaves 2 Dead in Japan Rampage October 5, 2012
CIMSS Satellite Loop
Typhoon Jelawat can be seen losing its tropical characteristics while passing over Japan.
At least two people were left dead in Japan following the passage of former Category 5 Typhoon Jelawat.

One man was swept to his death by high waves when the storm struck the southern island of Okinawa with wind gusts of up to 180 mph.

The other victim was on Honshu, where Jelawat had weakened to tropical storm force just before making landfall along the island’s eastern coast.

The typhoon left at least 145 people injured across Japan, with about half of them on Okinawa.

High winds forced more than 500 flights to be cancelled across the country and numerous rail lines shut down due to severe conditions.

The storm eventually dissipated over the cooler Pacific waters to the northeast of Hokkaido Island.

Jelawat means “carp” in the Malaysian language.

Typhoon Jelawat Track

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS