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100 Starlings Crash Into Austrian Autobahn Car October 5, 2012
Starling murmuration
Huge murmurations of starlings are a common sight in autumn across parts of Europe.
A motorist on an Austrian expressway was left startled but uninjured after up to 100 starlings suddenly crashed into his fast-moving vehicle.

The Austria Press Agency reports the birds dove into the car from power lines that stretched across the highway in the west of the country.

The agency said the avian impacts left quite a few dents in the driver’s vehicle, and cleanup crews were called in to remove the dead birds that littered a stretch of the roadway.

Millions of starlings migrate southward across Europe in the fall, settling in Rome and other temperate locations around the Mediterranean.

About 200 of the birds collided with a jetliner in early November 2008, forcing it to make an emergency landing at an airfield just outside Rome.

Photo: David Kjare - RSPB