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Dead Sea Dying at Record Pace November 2, 2012
Dead Sea decline
NASA satellite images illustrating the decline of the Dead Sea over the past 40 years.
The level of the salty inland lake known as the Dead Sea has dropped a record 5 feet over the past year due to evaporation and extraction by industry in both Israel and Jordan.

Siphoning of the sea’s Jordan River source for agricultural use has also contributed to the decline.

The storied body of water has been praised for its healing powers since biblical times and still attracts visitors from around the world.

Its shrinkage has been a major problem for decades, with its shoreline retreating as much as a mile in some spots.

The process has destabilized the ground surrounding it, causing massive sinkholes that have devoured entire villages.

Gidon Bromberg, Israeli director of the Friends of Earth Middle East, is calling on Jordan and Israel to require agriculture and industry to pay a higher price for the water they pump out of the sea.

Photo: NASA