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Shark Falls From California Sky November 2, 2012
Leopard Shark that fell to Earth
The injured leopard shark before it was placed in water for transport back to the ocean.
Golfers at a Southern California club were both startled and puzzled when a 2-foot leopard shark fell from the sky and flopped around the 12th tee.

A course marshal at the San Juan Hills Golf Club found the fish bleeding with puncture wounds.

It’s believed a seabird snatched it up from the ocean four miles away, but lost its grip over the club.

Melissa McCormack told reporters that she wanted to help the stranded shark and stuck it in a bucket of water.

But since the water was fresh, someone stirred up “homemade sea water” using sea salt from the kitchen.

Employee Bryan Stizer then rushed the shark back to the Pacific, where it soon was revived in the surf and took off.

Photo: Bryan Stize