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Wild Monkey Raids Anger Kenyan Farmers November 30, 2012
Satellite Image
Monkey rummaging through trash near one of Kenya's Tsavo national parks, in the southeast of the country.
Farmers in southeastern Kenya are threatening to poison thousands of monkeys they say are destroying their crops.

The Star reports the monkeys have raided banana, corn and cassava crops around Wundanyi, which is nearly surrounded by the Tsavo conservation area, home to two renowned national parks.

“We cannot allow the monkeys to make us beggars,” one farmer who did not want to be named told the paper.

He said the marauding monkeys have been relocated to their area by the Kenya Wildlife Service.

That agency denies it is responsible for the invasion.

Human-wildlife conflict has become more common as drought, flood and climate change have caused the animals to encroach on populated areas in recent years,

Photo: Jelzi - Flickr