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Wild Turkeys Invade Massachusetts Streets November 30, 2012
Limacina helicina antarctica
Turkeys trotting through a Massachusetts city intersection. Residents complain that the birds are an increasing traffic and public menace.
Wild turkeys are beginning to overrun some urban areas of Massachusetts after being reintroduced into a region where they were hunted into extinction more than 150 years ago.

About 20,000 of the heritage birds now call the state their home.

Communities surrounding Boston are increasingly coping with the aggressive birds causing traffic jams by gathering in the middle of intersections.

They have also sparked complaints from residents who say they are menaced when the turkeys crowd onto sidewalks.

Brookline police say the number of people grousing about the wild turkeys has doubled over the past two months.

One of the town’s police officers says he spends nearly every morning protecting students at the high school from the birds.

“I've had them come after me," Brookline resident Jocelyn Guggenheim told ABC News.

Experts say the best way to avoid turkey troubles is to steer clear of them, to not be intimidated by them and to spray water at them, if possible.

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