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Hemispheric Snow Cover Dips To Lowest on Record December 7, 2012
Satellite Image
Satellites, since they regularly observe large areas, can provide information on snow mass and changes in seasonal snow cover over long periods of time.
Snow cover across the Northern Hemisphere melted last summer to the lowest level ever observed since satellite monitoring began 45 years ago.

Data from various environment agencies also show that record lows of snow cover have been observed in North America during three of the past five years.

The maximum extent of winter snow has also been falling, while spring snow, especially at higher latitudes, is observed melting far earlier.

Scientists say the retreat of the snow coverage is occurring must faster than predicted by climate models.

The European Space Agency’s GlobSnow project has produced the first long-term analysis of snow mass from 2012.

Project heads say findings from the study will be used to help world leaders to develop ways to adapt to climate change.

The results of the studies have been published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

Photo: NASA Earth Observatory