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Kenya Wildlife Service Warns of Zebra-Elephant Losses December 7, 2012
Wild elephant and zebra near African watering hole.
Wild elephant and zebra near African watering hole. Their populations in Kenya dropped over the past four years due to various factors.
Kenyan officials say the country’s elephant and zebra populations have dropped sharply over the last four years, mainly due to poaching, demand for ivory, drought and climate change.

Kenya Wildlife Service director William Kipkoech says the number of elephants fell from 7,415 to 6,361 during the period.

There are currently only about 1,870 zebras across the country compared to 2,400 in 2008.

After decades of successful conservation and law enforcement efforts to save Africa’s wildlife, conservation groups are sounding the alarm that rhinos and elephants are increasingly being poached.

Photo: Michelle Bessette