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'Project Re-Freeze' Scheme to Reverse Arctic Melt December 14, 2012
Polar bear in melting sea ice
Record summertime melt in the Arctic could be reversed with a major geo-enginnering project that is feasible.
A Harvard physicist suggests the record Arctic melt could be reversed and the polar ice cap restored by using just a few modified corporate jets.

The Arctic sea ice melted to its greatest extent on record in September. While David Keith doesn’t yet advocate the scheme, he says the jets could spray reflective particles high in the atmosphere to keep sunlight from reaching the surface.

He claims that just a 0.5 percent decrease in sunlight could restore the Arctic sea ice to pre-industrial era levels.

The price would be about $8 billion a year, which Keith says could be financed by “any significant nation.”

But such a large-scale geo-engineering project would be banned by the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity.

Keith suggested such drastic geo-engineering could have disastrous unintended effects but could be a needed response to a "climate emergency," such as the sudden collapse of ice sheets or a killing drought.

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