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Strengthening Cyclone Evan Kills 2 in Samoa December 14, 2012
CIMSS Satellite Loop
Cyclone Evan can be seen building in strength while lashing Samoa and American Samoa on Tuesday.
A rare tropical cyclone for Samoa and American Samoa left at least two people dead and damaged homes and crops during a rampage on Tuesday in American Samoa and Wednesday on Samoa.

Maximum winds gusts of up to 130 mph were reported as the heart of Cyclone Evan passed through the island group, which straddles the International Dateline.

Journalist Cherelle Jackson the Australian Broadcasting Corp. that there was heavy damage in the Samoan capital of Apia, with houses flattened by the storm.

Many open-style Samoan homes, which are called "fales," were heavily damaged.

The walkway of the international terminal at Samoa’s Faleolo Airport was said to have collapsed during the storm.

Tourists were awdvised to move from the beach to interior parts of the island and shelter in schools or government offices.

Evan was predicted to gain strength after it left Samoa and took aim on Fiji.

Forecasters predicted it could achieve Category 3 force before reaching the island nation.

Cyclone Evan Track

Satellite Loop Data: CIMSS