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Cyclone Evan Lashes Fiji After Wrecking Samoa's CapitalDecember 21, 2012
Fiji Weather Radar Loop
Radar images of approaching Cyclone Evan's eye stopped suddenly when the Suva radar site lost power and was damaged by high winds.
Cyclone Evan destroyed homes as it lashed Fiji with high winds and torrential downpours late Monday.

Thousands of people had taken refuge in evacuation centers and airlines suspended flights in and out of the island nation until the storm passed.

Strong seas near the capital, Suva, caused two container ships to run aground onto a reef.

Several main roads on Fiji's principal island of Viti Levu were washed out by flash flooding unleashed by the Category 4 storm.

The eye wall of the storm passed directly over the western city of Nandi. Evan’s Category 4 intensity at that time destroyed homes on western parts of Viti Levu. Witnesses describe the area as looking like a ‘war zone.’

But the high terrain over the island’s interior shielded the city of Nandi from the storm's greatest fury.

The storm had earlier wreaked far greater havoc on Samoa. Damage to the Samoan island of Upolu appeared to be worse than from a 2009 earthquake and tsunami that killed 135 people, according to aerial surveillance.

Samoa’s capital city was reported to have been left in ruins. At least 14 people perished in Samoa from storm-related incidents.

Cyclone Evan Track

Radar Loop Data: Fiji Meteorological Service