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Nicaraguan Eruption Prompts Evacuations January 4, 2013
Satellite Image
San Cristóbal also belched an ash cloud more than 15,000 feet into the air this past September.
Hundreds of people fled the area around northwest Nicaragua’s San Cristóbal volcano as the mountain rumbled and spewed clouds of noxious gases.

The country’s largest volcano roared back to life on Christmas Day, covering a dozen nearby villages in ash and foul-smelling fumes.

Some 38 children were treated for respiratory problems resulting from exposure to the fumes, according to the government.

But there were no other reports of serious injuries or damage from the eruption.

Officials say that more than 100 of the evacuees were placed in emergency shelters while another 260 were staying with friends of family members.

San Cristóbal also erupted in mid-2008, spewing gas and rattling nerves in the area with a string of tremors.

The 5,725-foot volcano is located around 85 miles north of the capital, Managua.

Photo: Oscar Sanchez