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Powerful Quake Kills Nearly 200 in China's Sichuan Province April 26, 2013
Quake Map of China
China’s most deadly earthquake in three years killed at least 196 people and injured 12,000 others in the southwestern province of Sichuan Saturday morning.

Thousands of homes were wrecked by the 6.6 magnitude shaking, which Chinese seismologists rated at a magnitude of 7.0.

The quake also triggered huge landslides in the mountainous region surrounding the epicenter.

Rescue teams had to blast some landslides with explosives to clear a route for relief efforts.

The Associated Press reports many residents complained that while emergency teams were quick to carry away bodies and search for survivors, they initially did little to distribute aid.

The quake struck near where a May 2008 temblor killed or left missing nearly 87,000 people with a force of magnitude 8.0.

The Lushan and Baoxing counties hardest-hit on Saturday had escaped the worst of the damage during the 2008 quake.

But residents there say that rebuilding efforts over the past five years did not include special reinforcement to cope with the high seismic hazards of the region.

The epicenters of both quakes were located where the fertile Sichuan plain meets foothills that eventually rise to the Tibetan plateau to the west.

The Longmenshan tectonic fault runs through the region and has been responsible for many quakes throughout recorded history.